Monday, March 10, 2008

3/8/2008 FA Cup Match Highlights - Manchester United vs Portsmouth

This was a great match and watching back the match highlights you would not believe that Portsmouth could have come away with a result like this. It was just another day of Manchester United guilty of wasteful finishing and being made to pay for it by Portsmouth. To us, it was a classic smash and grab affair. Portsmouth were hardly in the game and must be thanking their lucky stars that they got away with it, although they did work hard for the result. The minus points of the game were the rants from Alex Ferguson and Ronaldo which really spoke volumes of their sportsmanship. I guess if you lost, no matter what, be gracious about it. Manchester United created tons of opportunities and if you do not put the ball in the net, you simply won't deserve to get anything. Watch this nice match highlights from a fan and enjoy the atmosphere from the FA Cup match between Manchester United and Portsmouth. Portsmouth are going to Wembley and good luck to them!

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